page created the 14th of july 2006

Torque merge for linux 

The merge of the different versions of torque should be done always in the same way.
What is very important is to start form the same refrence in term of code to patch.

Also our first assumption is that our referential is the cvs repository and not a intermediate version. Because a patch it is done after a compare to a version of reference. 
When a patch is provided it is very important to know the version of reference in order to apply on the same version.

Very often I can read "the patch does not work" : this is normal if you apply the patch on version of the source code different of origianl one ( I remind a patch is the result of a comparison betwwen 2 codes , the original and the new one) 

Also in this tutorial for linux we consider that the refrence is the cvs repository.

Why the CVS repository ? Because the compilation works on linux !

At the end of the tutorail we will see how to generate a patch based on the cvs repository content, in order to be sure that the patch is compatible in any case.

Installation of MELD ( file merge)

more information 

Installation of the cvs repository

more information.

Prepare the environment and take some precautions

Remove the content of the directory out.gcc*
Remove the windows characters at end of line in order to avoid wrong differences with meld.
1/ cd ../torque/engine
2/ dos2unix -v */*
3/ dos2unix -v */*/*
4/ ....
5/ add a directory level until you have the message :
"dos2unix: Unable to access file */*/*/*/*."

Save the directory cd ../torque/engine
1/ cd ../torque/
2/ tar -cvf xxxxx-vx.tar engine
Manage careefully teh differnet version beacuse if you have issues you will restore the last version
tar -xvf xxxxx-vx.tar 

Installation of the Torque package to merge 

Folow the installation instruction of the package

Search for the directory engine and redo the same actions than in the paragraph above "Prepare the environment and take some precautions"

Merge the files with MELD

Use the menu new / directory comparison
Open first the directory engine of the package
Open in second the directory engine of the cvs
By this way you use always the same method of update with the 2 windows : it is just an advise to avoid errors during the merge.

Don't forget to set the preferences in order to filter what you want to merge only .

more information

All the files content in directory engine with differences should be check carrefully.


Compile and test the result with the demo provided with the package. Check if demo works as under windows.

Prepare a patch

Install gcvs : more information

Apply the folowing patch  in order to get an operational environemnt to generate the patch.

Connect to the torque cvs repository : menu admin/preferences

Set you local directory : set button under menu file

Connect to the cvs repository : menu "admin/login"

Use the macro : menu "macro/prepare patch from pwd"

The patch is stored into the directory engine/patch.txt