27th of december 2007

How to install Torque multiplayer on Linux Ubuntu and the wanadoo livebox ?

Torque Configuration

In Torque let by default the configuration for the port ( 28000 ) .

If you want to change the name of the server , update the following files and variables :

for instance in ~/torque/example/starter.fps.

client/client/prefs.cs $Pref::Server::Name = "PhilippeC"
client/client/init.cs $Client::GameTypeQuery = "PhilippeC"
client/prefs.cs $Pref::Server::Name = "PhilippeC"
client/init.cs $Client::GameTypeQuery = "PhilippeC"
server/scripts/game.cs $Server::GameType = "PhilippeC"
server/server/prefs.cs $Pref::Server::Name = "PhilippeC"
server/prefs.cs $Pref::Server::Name = "PhilippeC"

$Pref::Server::Name = "PhilippeC"

common/client/prefs.cs$Pref::backgroundSleepTime = "25"
client/prefs.cs$Pref::backgroundSleepTime = "25"

Set your Wanadoo livebox

In your web browser type :

login : admin/admin.

Change the value in order to get this result :

Set you firewall

Install firestarter and add a rule in order to get the following result :

Test the connection

Host the game :

To check if your hosted server is visible from outside connect to :


Click on [open monitor]

Click on search , you get the following result :

Your hosted game is visible from outside. It works.

Now make a package and distributed it to your friends or testers in order to test it in real situation.
The testers has to follow the same installation procedure that described above.