uptaded the 2nd of september 2006

BoomBoom game


Kill or destroy what is moving in the stage : not too complex to unterstand, isn't it ? :)

Game play

Player actions

menu show / hide   F1 OK
quit the game

escape OK
save game

load game

 sprint move forward

arrow up
sprint move backward

arrow down OK
sprint move left

arrow left
sprint move right

arrow right

space OK
jump + move space + arrows OK
crounch (se baisser )

crounch + move ctrl + arrows
crawl (ramper )
crawl (ramper ) + move
+ arrows
stop shift
step by step ( move slow)
+ arrows
display score
left click
launch an selected object
mouse right button OK
refill weapon
right button
primary shoot
left button OK
0 to 9 => weapons
num key
0 to 9
default weapon
num key 0
previous weapon 
num key
next weapon 
num key +
select an object in the menu menu left click OK
put or deselect an object in the menu
left click
button display map
left click
move an object in the menu to the stage menu right click + move mouse OK
select an object in the stage  object right click OK
put an object in the menu  object left click + move mouse above menu OK
move an object  object left click + move mouse OK
drop or deselect an object in the stage  object right click  OK

The menu is a special screen at the bottom on the screen where objects could be loaded , used, ...
The objects could be weapon, refill, part, tools, money ...

Player interface

4 kinds of menu : the player should on the button on the right and left to acess to the menus

- Menu to manage objects, weapons, and refills. The player click on the object ( see above the action keys)
- Menu to manage information : the player clicks on the information requested and the information will appear during the game as transparent text in the top corners of the window game or sepcial window as chat, radar, gauges for life or power or money or ...
- Menu to remind the mission target(s) and the main information that the player should know.
- Menu money : use to buy or sell objects, weapons, refills and negociate the price.

Game scenario

Several missions are available. Only some of them are accessible depending of the results of the missions finished before.

When a mission starts a briefing is proposed with the description of the target to reach.

A mission could be composed of several stages.
The player has to go to different stages in order to finish the mission.
For that, the player should use doors or mechanisms, the doors or mechanisms authorise the player to go through the stages of the mission.

The player should manage the object collected, because is not possible to carry out all the objects found. The player can drop some objects in order to collect new one when the list of objects is full.

And the player has to kill or destroy all the moving objects because those objets are always dangerous.

AI of the moving object

The moving object could 3 kinds of objects :
- projectile : these objects could be destroyed by the player.
- objects which launch projectile : only the object could be destroyed by the player
- contact objects : if the player touch the object, the life decreases.

The behavior of the moving object could be :
- follow a  path
- appear and disappear at different location
- static

all the moving objects are focused automatically to the player.